Vision is critical in the success of children

With school just around the corner, a routine exam is beneficial for your little one! The board at school can sometimes be a little far for children sitting in the back. If a child has a prescription they are unaware of, they might have trouble following the teacher. Inability to follow the teacher leads to frustration. We all know that learning is not enjoyable if we can’t follow along. The basics of education are very important for long-term success. Early detection is key and your eye doctor can help diagnose problems.

What to look for

We highly recommend having a yearly eye check up not only for the prescription, but also to evaluate eye health. A child who needs vision corrections might start to squint more often or move closer to see objects (like TV). Maybe you notice a change in their habits or if significant enough, complain about their eyes. These signs might indicate the need for glasses or contact lenses!

Visit your local optometrist today

Don’t hesitate and have their eyes checked today. Education is very important for development. With the rise of digital devices, anti-glare and blue light blockers can help lower the strain. Be proactive in your child’s eye health and their success will follow.

We here at Glimpse Eye Care love seeing families grow. We hope we have convinced you to bring your little ones to have their eyes checked! If your family is looking for an eye doctor in The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, or Houston area, feel free to reach out 🙂