How To Help My Eyes in The Rain.

Tropical storm Nicolas has been causing havoc across Texas. We want you to be safe during this difficult time, so here are some tips!

Anti-glare lenses are great for the rain

With glare from water surfaces or even incoming cars, it is important to limit the amount of glare you see. You WILL notice a difference in vision with having a quality anti-glare lens than not. We work with Zeiss to offer the highest quality lenses for your daily needs, rainy or not.

Keep your eye health and prescription up to date

Eye issues such as cataract can make the roads much more difficult at night and rainy days. Your eye doctor can address these issues and have a plan for you to take care of your eyes. On the other hand, having your glasses or contacts up to date can provide the sharpest vision possible.

Polarized sunglasses can help with the road

Glare reflections from the surface can be blocked by polarized sunglasses. Make sure to know the difference between polarized and regularly tinted sunglasses. The regular sunglasses will make things much harder to see so avoid those at night time.

Stay safe out there this month. Get your eye health up to date and as always, feel free to call/message us if you have questions 🙂

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Polarized sunglasses for rain

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