Covid Testing Miami

Covid Testing Miami

The coronavirus disease testing is no longer a novel thing. If you think you’ve contracted COVID-19 and need a test, contact FMC today.

Coronavirus has practically shut down all business world activities, the education world, the entertainment world, and all other activities known to men worldwide. This virus has proven difficult to fight when it develops into the later stage in humans, and which is why we keep encouraging everyone to get tested early, as this gives them a fighting chance.

If you don’t know where to take a coronavirus test in North Miami, do not panic! FMC has got you covered. We’ll talk more about the processes involved in our Covid testing.

Classification of Our COVID-19 Tests

Miami coronavirus testing deals with majorly two types of testing, although generally, there are two different types of tests – diagnostic and antibody test.

A diagnostic test can determine if a person has an active coronavirus infection, and you should swing into quarantine or isolate yourself from others. The diagnostic test is then further divided into two types, which are molecular (RT-PCR tests) and antigen test (testing protein).

Antibody test works by searching for antibodies created by the immune system in response to threats. Antibodies help fight infections. This antibody test has been discovered not to be of huge help as antibodies take multiple days to develop after an infection.

However, the most acceptable and easiest of them remains the diagnostic test. And the diagnostic tests use mucus samples from the nose or throat at the doctor’s office for the Covid-19 test. 

The testing procedures – what happens?

COVID-19 diagnostic testing in Miami is not entirely perfect, but FMC endeavors to carry out a careful diagnosis to avoid wrong test results. Our procedures are;

  1. Health professional orders a COVID-19 test.
  2. Healthcare professional uses a specialized swab to collect tests sample from your nose or throat.
  3. Healthcare professionals put the swab in a sterile container and seal it for transportation to the lab.
  4. Lab technician mixes liquids with the swab to extract any virus’s genetic material that may be on the swab.
  5. Lab technician uses special reagents – primers, probes, and a sophisticated high-tech machine to perform a series of controlled heating and cooling cycles to convert the virus’ RNA into DNA.
  6. When specific probes bind to DNA, it produces a kind of unique light the machine understands. It then displays a “Positive” result for infection of SARS-CoV-2.

The tests’ accuracy shortcomings

Every COVID 19 testing spots in North Miami stands on the fact that no COVID-19 test is ever 100% accurate. FMC tries as much as possible to get accurate tests, but some factors may serve as impediments to the test result accuracy;

  • The swab may not collect the virus from your nose or throat.
  • The sample may get accidentally contaminated during collection or analysis.
  • If the swab isn’t kept at the correct temperature before analysis.
  • The chemicals used for extraction may not work correctly.

Family Medical Clinic focuses on providing quality healthcare service. Our state-of-the-art facilities, friendly professional staff, and accommodating hours are vital parts of our comprehensive healthcare services. To get accurate covid testing in Miami and subsequent treatment and perfect healthcare services, Contact FMC: You can download the coronavirus form from our website. The journey to your perfect health begins with us.

Covid Testing Miami

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Covid Testing Miami

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