Eye Doctor Tomball

Eye Doctor Tomball

Your eye doctor in Tomball should be a key ally in protecting your health and well being. Your eyesight is nothing to risk. From work to daily life, Glimpse Eyecare has you covered, treating you like family from the minute you walk through the door.

When do I need to see an eye doctor?

Macular degeneration is among the most common afflictions impacting Americans. Age, diet and disease all make an impact on your sight. Knowing when to visit your local optometrist is a matter of strain and stress. 

The harder your eyes work, the more your eyesight degenerates. Short term strain is not damaging. However, if you constantly experience itchy or watery eyes and blurry or double vision, the impact is long term.

An eye exam determines whether glasses are right for you. Your local eye doctor can help you obtain invisible contacts as well.

Nearsighted v Farsighted

There are two different types of macular degeneration requiring correction. If you have trouble reading your favorite book or the words on a television screen, you may be farsighted. This differs from nearsightedness.

Nearsighted individuals have difficulty reading billboards, blackboards, and obstacles that are further away. If you experience nearsightedness, you may find that you are struggling to drive and the distance is blurrier than it once was.

Even the sharpest vision degrades over time. Those entering old age often experience farsightedness. Eighty-three percent of elderly experience some form of farsightedness.Almost 41.6 percent of Americans are nearsighted.

Spotting Disease

An optometrist not only helps you find a prescription. A regular eye exam serves as a form of preventative medicine.

Our exams help spot hypertension, diabetes, and glaucoma. However, we are not opthamologists. An opthamologist can spot more serious illnesses and perform surgeries.

What makes the best local optometrist?

If you find yourself in need of glasses, the best local optometrist treats you like you deserve. You are paying to protect a vital asset and we want you to thrive.

Small family optometrists work hard to provide a level of care that keeps us in business. We treat every patient like family, customizing treatment options to your individual needs. You are not just another sale or number. Satisfaction is the key to our success.

Tuning your Prescription

You should also find an optometrist willing to help tune your prescription and craft the perfect pair of glasses. Short term eye strain can impact your prescription.

Glimpse Eyecare wants you to be satisfied with your glasses and your life. We offer free fine tuning and returns for up to 60 days.

Local Eye Doctor in Tomball

A local eye doctor in Tomball is your partner in health and wellness. Allowing your eyesight to degenerate is not  the best option. Your local family optometrist can help you find the best glasses for your eyesight and lifestyle.

Glimpse Eyecare strives to provide the best service possible no matter your condition. Schedule an appointment with our qualified doctors today and experience the difference that healthy eyesight brings.

Eye Doctor Tomball

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Eye Doctor Tomball

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