Eye Doctor Walk In

Eye Doctor Walk In

An eye doctor walk in can help you live your life to your fullest without constantly trying to avoid obstacles. Whether you are having trouble reading or are straining to see speed limit signs, blackboards, or the television, Glimpse Eyecare offers customized glasses and a personalized level of care for any lifestyle.

Why do people avoid the eye doctor?

People avoid the eye doctor for many reasons. Stigmas force them to continue to strain their eyes, further reducing their eyesight.

A CDC survey revealed that people skip the eye doctor due to:

  • Travel times
  • The perceived costs associated with glasses and contacts
  • Social stigmas 
  • A lack of insurance.

Thirty-eight percent of people avoided the eye doctor due to insurance alone. Only 4.5 percent of people cannot get an appointment with an eye doctor, often due to a lack of knowledge or work schedules.

Reasons to Visit an Eye Doctor

While stigmas and up front cost can seem overpowering, they are nowhere near as destructive as allowing your eyesight to go untreated. Problems include:

  • Further degeneration of your eyesight
  • The increasing costs associated with a doctor’s visit
  • The dangers and monetary impact of not correcting your eyesight

There are real and tangible costs associated with avoiding a visit to your local optometrist. These costs accumulate over time.

Why should I not wait to have my eyes checked?

Long-term eye strain impacts your eyesight. Your eyes must work overtime to read and process information the worse your eyesight becomes.

Constant blurry or double vision as well as itchy and watery eyes are a sign that you are overworking your eyes. Blurry vision alone should be a sign that it is time to visit the doctor.

Dangers and Monetary Impact of Bad Eyesight

Poor eyesight is not just cumulative, it is dangerous. The dangers are not just physical. There is a known connection between poor eyesight, anxiety, and depression.

Poor eyesight also impacts your wallet. Bad eyesight is associated with $1000 of medical bills annually. You also lose out on quality jobs and even promotions.

Never feel the Pressure of Time

If you feel that you cannot visit a doctor because of time constraints, we can help. We understand that many people are impacted by work and life schedules.

We provide walk in service when available and are willing to work with you to live a full and healthy life. Night shift employees and busy parents deserve care.

Spotting Disease Early

There is another reason that you should schedule an appointment regularly. An optometrist, while not a surgeon or ophthalmologist, can help find diseases before they become a major problem.

Modern imaging machines and tests look deeply into the complex instrument that is your eye. We can find glaucoma, diabetes, and hypertension. If we think you may benefit from more serious help, we can recommend you to an ophthalmologist for surgery.

Eye Doctor Walk In in Texas

An eye doctor walk in in Texas can keep you fully active and living life to your fullest. Glimpse Eyecare provides personalized and customized care for every lifestyle.

Experience the difference a family doctor can make. Schedule an appointment today.

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Eye Doctor Walk In

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