Eyeglasses The Woodlands

Eyeglasses The Woodlands

Are you concerned that someone in your home needs eyeglasses in The Woodlands? You can schedule a no-appointment visit to Glimpse Eye Care today and have your loved one’s eyes examined by the best local optometrist. We warmly welcome walk-in visits whenever our doors are open, so you don’t have to waste time calling around or worrying that you won’t get in to see an eye doctor today. After a thorough eye examination, our eye doctor will explain available options to you and your family member if glasses or contacts are needed to correct vision.

5 Signs A Family Member Needs Glasses

1. In many cases, childhood vision problems go undetected for years because the child doesn’t know anything is wrong with the way they see. A child with nearsightedness or farsightedness may think everyone sees the world in the same way that they do. Pick up on subtle clues, such as problems in school or trouble reading billboards or restaurant menus. The best doctors in The Woodlands can provide a comprehensive eye exam to detect vision trouble.

2. Does someone in your household squint frequently or experience headaches for no explained reason? These are common signs that the person is straining to see clearly. Glasses can often improve vision so that squinting and headaches disappear. Set an appointment with an eye specialist from Glimpse Eye Care; reach us by phone at 832-554-1100.

3. Difficulty seeing at night can be a warning sign of vision impairment. Poor night vision is easier to detect in adults than in children since an adult will typically refrain from driving if they’re unable to see the road or read road signs after dark. The best course of action to avoid ongoing vision issues is to book an annual eye exam at Glimpse Eye Care.

4. A child or adult having difficulty recognizing faces may be suffering from nearsightedness, a condition also known as myopia. Glasses, contacts, and LASIK surgery are all viable options for patients with myopia. There are many types of eye doctors in The Woodlands; an optometrist from Glimpse Eye Care can provide an examination to determine whether a family member needs corrective eye care.

5. Have you noticed a family member sitting under bright lights or gravitating to areas of your home where light is the brightest? Turning on lights in every room is a clear sign of Presbyopia, which can be easily corrected with eyeglasses in The Woodlands.

Glimpse Eye Care has been rated by patients as one of the best ophthalmology clinics in the community. If you’re worried about a family member’s eyesight or think they may need glasses, we invite you to stop by our vision center located at 26435 Kuykendahl Rd in The Woodlands, TX.

No eye care team cares more about your family’s vision or provides a higher quality of care to patients than Glimpse Eye Care. We offer a wide range of services, including pediatric exams, glasses & contacts, diagnosis, and treatment of eye disease, dry eye treatment, vision therapy, glaucoma evaluations, and much more.

Eyeglasses The Woodlands

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Eyeglasses The Woodlands

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