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Tips for Choosing Frames

Know Your Face Shape

You always want to pick a frame that complements your face. Basic face shapes include heart, oval, round, square, and triangle. Try to figure out which category best applies to you before going any further with your frames.

Select a Contrasting Frame

Often the best frame for a particular face shape is its exact opposite. For example: A person with a round face might do well with a square frame, as the contrast can strike a beautiful balance and leave the wearer with a seamless, proportional look.

Follow Your Heart

All this being said, remember that frames are just another way of expressing yourself. There’s actually no “right” or “wrong” answer to selecting the perfect eyewear. In the end, you should always go with what your heart tells you.

Tips for Choosing Frames​

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Contact Lenses For Women Online

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

At Glimpse, we know no one wants dry, uncomfortable, ineffectual lenses…and we’re here to help!

Best Practices for Contact Lenses

Good Hygiene

 Good hygiene. Follow your doctor’s instructions to ensure eye safety. Dispose of contact lenses and clean them as instructed. Do not reuse contact lens solutions ever!

Follow Doctor Recommendations

Do not try and choose your contact lens without consulting with the doctor. We are here to provide the best options for your eyes and lifestyle.

Avoid Sleeping in Lenses

Sleeping in lenses can decrease the amount of oxygen in your eyes. This can leave your eyes vulnerable to things like eye infections, dry eyes, and more!

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