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Glaucoma Evaluation

Glaucoma is a medical condition characterized by increased pressure in the eyeball. In its early stages, glaucoma usually shows no symptoms at all. This can sometimes prove dangerous, as glaucoma treatments are often most effective when applied sooner rather than later––and, sadly, the disease can lead to permanent sight loss if left untreated. Still, early detection can be your best weapon in the fight against vision loss. That’s why it’s critical to get tested during your annual visit to the eye doctor.
Our intensive glaucoma evaluations consist of several key procedures, including: 

  • Ophthalmoscopy: A dilated exam for the optic nerve
  • Vision Perimetry: A test for field of vision
  • Tonometry: A method of examining pressure in the inner eye
  • And more.

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Dr. Chen is HANDS DOWN the best eye doctor in town. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Chen if you are looking to get new contacts or glasses, or even just a new prescription! He is a true professional who is super knowledgeable about all things related to the health of your eyes, and he always explains everything in a very clear and concise manner. Did I also mention how fast and efficient he is? Our appointment was for 10:15 on a Saturday, and by 10:40, we were on the way back home! Have you ever spent less than 30 minutes at an eye doctor’s before? Dr. Chen is the best!


The doctor and Staff were awesome!!!! The office was clean, smelled so good and the office staff were very friendly. I am so indecisive and the assistant was very patient with me and even stayed after when they closed. The doctor was so welcoming and really knew his profession. I was referred there by a coworker and I will definitely refer my friends!


 Dr. Pham is so sweet and took her time with me and my daughter! Also the technician who assisted us was very helpful!


The eye doctor was the best I’ve ever had. He was able to tell me what was going on with my eyes before I had a chance to tell him. I’ve never had an eye doctor be as knowledgeable as him. The staff was very professional, nice and helpful.

Dr. Warren Chen & Dr. Khanh Pham


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