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I See A Freckle On My Eye, Is This Dangerous?!

Eye freckles or a nevus can fascinating and intimidating at the same time!

Most of us have freckles on our body, but few would associate danger with them. What if they were on your eyes? Would this change anything? Let’s dive in on this awesome topic.

To make a long story short, most freckles (or a nevus as we call it in the eye world) are totally benign and harmless. Their appearance can sometimes strike fear in individuals, but rest assure they mainly affect cosmetics only. The cells in our body called melanocytes produce a pigment called melanin which gives color to our eyes and skin. The more pigment we have, the darker the color!

How do we get these freckles?

We get these freckles mainly from sunlight exposure. The lighter your eyes, the higher the chance that the freckles are more obvious. However, some people are born with them and is something that makes us unique!

What can I do to treat or prevent eye freckles?

Luckily for you, freckles don’t typically affect vision however to be on top of things:

  1. Get a routine eye exam with your optometrist: Your eye doctor can help detect eye conditions before they occur and they are able to monitor the nevus all together!

2. Wear sunglasses outdoors: Because sunlight has UV (ultraviolet), freckles and nevi can be developed from the light exposure. By wearing sunglasses, you can not only prevent freckles, but also eye issues such as cataracts and macular degeneration!

Can I just remove the freckles?

In most cases, the short answer is no! This is because most are harmless and surgical removal can sometimes damage the eye. The only time surgery is mandatory is in the rare case where the freckles become cancerous. Your eye professional can help you monitor your eye health and let you know what the best plan is!

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