Optometrist Tomball

Optometrist Tomball

An optometrist in Tomball can find the perfect pair of glasses. Eye doctors such as Glimpse Eyecare offer customized personal lenses that perfectly accompany your lifestyle.

Why do people avoid optometrists?

Social stigma, cost, and time are all reasons people cite for avoiding having an eye exam. However, no reason is a good reason to let your eyesight impact your life.

The dangers of not scheduling an exam include:

  • Increasing the strain on your eyes leading to irritation
  • Worse eyesight as you eyes work overtime
  • The dangers associated with being unable to see properly

The harm of not visiting an eye doctor outweighs the benefits. Those benefits are extremely short-sighted.

What can an optometrist do for me?

An optometrist will work to correct your defective vision. Most eye doctors also have an optician on sight who can cut lenses, adjust glasses, and work within your prescription to craft the perfect pair of glasses.

Optometrists create the prescriptions you need to thrive. You can use those prescriptions for glasses or contacts.

Correcting an Astigmatism

One goal of any eye doctor is to correct an existing astigmatism. This condition occurs when the curvature of your eye changes due to age, stress, or a combination of factors.

Glasses are an affordable option for correcting an astigmatism should you ever find yourself struggling to see short or long distances. They cost less than the alternative, Lasik, which can be a non permanent solution for 10 to 12 percent of patients and carries the risk of blindness.

Correcting Nearsightedness and Farsightedness

Optometrists correct astigmatisms that result in being able to see either only short distances or far distances. The type of loss you experience determines your prescription and the type of glasses you need as well as how often you wear them.

If you have trouble reading in proper light, you are likely farsighted. If you cannot see a street sign while driving the speed limit, you are more likely to be nearsighted. Some people are both and require special glasses.

Regular Eye Exams

An optometrist offers another benefit that is not always readily apparent. Regular eye exams not only keep your vision at 20/20 but also help spot potential health risks.

Modern techniques and equipment, including machines that help you avoid dilation, can spot glaucoma, diabetes, and even hypertension. A good doctor knows how to look for signs of many problems revealed in your eyes, making a regular appointment beneficial for your health.

Crafting the Perfect Pair of Glasses

Nothing is worse than having to wear a pair of Coke bottle glasses. Luckily, there is another reason to avoid pushing off an exam. Today’s eyewear is stylish from low end to high end.

Popular brand names such as Ralph Lauren and Oakley produce frames for the masses. Opticians can cut lenses to fit many frames, even creating a retro pair of aviators for your prescription. 

Visiting an Optometrist in Tomball

There is no reason to put off a visit to your local optometrist in Tomball. At Glimpse Eyecare, we treat every patient like family and offer a wide range of lenses and frames for any lifestyle.

Schedule an appointment today.

Optometrist Tomball

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Optometrist Tomball

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