Back to school eye exams are the BEST!

Should you bring your child to your eye doctor before school starts?

The short answer is yes! All children should have their eyes checked by an optometrist every year in order to make sure they are ready to succeed in school. Even if a child passes a school or pediatric eye screening, it does not mean they have perfect eye sight! Your expert eye doctors will be able to check for eye misalignments, visual acuity, as well as general ocular motor skills!

Many parents do not know their child might have common vision problems such as nearsightness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia) because activities around the house seem to be normal. However, fully corrected vision can greatly improve your child’s rate of learning as well as their interest in school. Some children might have “perfect” 20/20 vision but have issues with eye focusing or tracking which can impair learning. Your best bet as a parent is to just have a check up and ask as many eye-related questions as possible!

With the rise of digital devices and the fact that many children use devices at a very young age, the chances of vision issues are higher than ever. Make sure to have them take breaks every 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to prevent eye strain. If they are under the age of 13, a few studies to have shown that the presence of sunlight can help slow down nearsightness in children.

All of this is super easy with many friendly local optometrists in your area. If you’re in the Woodlands, Creekside, Tomball, Conroe, or Spring areas, we would love to meet you and your child for their eye exams. You can access our online booking calendar down below 🙂

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