Pediatric Eye Exams can be fun! You and your child will learn more about their eyes.

Here at Glimpse Eye Care, we aim to be one of the best kids eye doctors in town! Even though many schools are moving back to in-person class lessons, excessive digital device use is still prevalent. We are here to provide pediatric eye exams in a warm and caring environment. It is important to keep up with annual eye exams as early vision problems can lead to permanent vision problems.

A) Observe your child

Schedule your child for a pediatric eye exam if you notice these eye symptoms which could mean decreased vision

  • If your child is moving closer to the TV

  • Squinting to look at things at a distance

  • Rubbing their eyes on a consistent basis

  • Complains of blurry or double vision

  • School grades and performance drops without clear reasoning (especially in math and reading)

B) Routine Eye Exams

Your child’s eye health is very important. Having good eye sight at a young age can prevent delays in learning. Ideally, having an eye check up at 3 years and before Kindergarten/1st grade can have a positive impact. Your eye doctor can detect eye conditions as our goal is always to prevent eye issues from starting. At the pediatric eye exam, make sure to let the doctor know all the issues for the best plan possible!

C) Treatments for Children Eye Problems

Upon finishing your child’s exam, the doctor will be able to advise the best treatment plan. The most common treatment is eyeglasses to help vision. However, contact lenses is an amazing option for those into sports or just want to avoid glasses. In rarer cases, eye patches and eye drops might be prescribed for children with eye turns or lazy eye. Each child is unique and we want to tailor the experience to best help yours.

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