amazing new regener-eyes drops for dry eyes

Do you know about this Amazing Dry Eye Drop?

The drop is called Regener-Eyes and it is a groundbreaking for dry eye treatment!

What is Regener-Eyes?

Regener-Eyes is a preservative free eye drop that comes in two versions, LITE (mild ocular surface disease) and PROFESSIONAL (moderate to severe ocular surface disease). The Pro version is required to be refrigerated while LITE can be stored at room temperature.

How does this drop work? This drop has unique proteins such anti-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines for healing properties, growth factors for regenerative potential, and hyaluronic acid for high level lubrication.

Who is this drop for? This drop is indicated for patients with ocular surface disease including dry eye disease, blepharitis, MGD, recurrent corneal erosions, and keratitis.

Are there contraindications? There are no contraindications and no adverse reaction reported to the company at this time. Regener-Eyes may be used in combination with other prescription and OTC medications. The main report is burning upon instillation of the drop, but otherwise no long term negative effects.

What are expected results? Most patients notice improvement of symptoms within a few weeks to a few months.

Is this drop being used around the nation? Many of our patients have been using Regener-Eyes as part of their dry eye routine. This drop is used twice daily (once at day and night).

Have dry eyes and are considering Regener-Eyes? A majority of our patients are excited to try new methods to treat dry eyes. Regener-Eyes offers this new approach by promoting the body’s natural healing as opposed to pharmaceutical eye drops which may suppress the immune response. Give our eye doctor office a call today to learn more or to book a dry eye evaluation 🙂

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