Stryker AIM

Stryker AIM

On 14th Dec. 2015, Stryker Endoscopy announced the launch of a surgical video system called 1588 AIM Platform. It’s designed to minimize patient risk by allowing surgeons to safeguard, spot, and document critical anatomy. It is also the first visualization system to combine several imaging modalities into a single platform created to intensify the visualization of patient anatomy across several surgical specialties. According to a well-known surgeon, each surgeon needs to work very hard to provide good results for their patients. He also stated that the high-definition endoscopy camera system allows surgeons to see anatomy in real-time just by using a camera.

  1. IRIS- This stands for Infrared Illumination System, a visualization technology created to minimize the risk of ureteral damage. When this mode is activated on the L10 light source, the ureters are transilluminated by a lighted stent.
  2. DRE- The Dynamic Range Enhancement is created to enhance lighting by making dark compartments brighter, thus enabling surgeons to operate in environments with poor lighting.
  3. Clarity- This video enhancement device is made to upgrade anatomy visualization by increasing tissue-level details. This is a technology that enables surgeons to see through smoky fluid.
  4. ENV- It simply stands for Endoscopic Near-Infrared Visualization. It also reduces the risk of the bile duct being injured during laparoscopic cholecystectomies. Whenever EBV mode gets activated, it enables a visual assessment of tissue perfusion and blood flow using fluorescent light. This one is used with a fluorescent ICG dye.
  5. Desaturation- This one reduces color saturation in images.

The endoscoping video camera is also created to enable surgeons to operate confidently. It also simplifies surgery and allows greater focus on the care of patients. Caregivers also get a chance to focus on good quality patient care, better patient outcomes, and proper operations costs.

About Stryker

Stryker is a renowned medical technology company whose aim is to make healthcare better. It offers different products and services in Medical, Surgical, orthopedics, Neurotechnology, and Spine, which help improve patients’ and hospitals’ outcomes. Stryker is fully operational in over 100 nations across the world.

Stryker’s visualization platforms provide advanced visualization for minimally invasive and open surgeries. The platform’s well-defined modalities intensify the surgeon’s ability to differentiate anatomy in ASC environments and hospitals. The platforms include 1588 AIM, Spy Elite, PINPOINT, and SPY-PHI. The SPY-PHI enables surgeons to see the flow of blood in vessels and tissue perfusion whenever open procedures are done.

Empowers Surgical Teams

The SDC3 of Stryker joined with the connected Operating system regulates modern operating rooms. It ensures that each surgeon has an excellent operating room environment that makes work easier.

Connected Operating System

The connected operating system of the Stryker 1288 endoscopic camera enables control of compatible devices and equipment customization from one device. It also powers the suite by connecting devices in the hospital from one user, thereby simplifying the workflow experience. One can adjust the settings of the connected surgical device from one location. It enables the staff to reduce movement in the Operating room and any other disruptions.

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Stryker AIM